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We live in a time where we can travel anywhere in the world, however we believe your inner world can be the most insightful and empowering!


Life Coaching

We believe we all have everything we need within us. Let us be your Inner Guide to connect and feel all the love, guidance and support awaiting you within…

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Spiritual Guidance

Imagine….With over 25 years of experience, we’ve worked with all types of people wishing to change their life to find more comfort and ease…

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Inner Journeys

Imagine going within to your guidance for support and truth of who you are. Why are we here? Best question ever, let’s explore this and your purpose…

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Welcome to Imagine Getaways!

We’re thrilled you stopped by today. Check out the video to meet Rhea.

    • Have you experienced a challenging situation?
    • Are you easily triggered?
    • Are you ready for a fresh start?
    • Are you thinking negative thoughts?
    • Are you feeling anxious or depressed?
    • Are you at the end of your rope?
    • Are you feeling lost and confused?
We live in a time where we can travel anywhere in the world, however we
believe your inner world can be the most insightful and empowering!
We offer a variety of powerful spiritual modalities such as:
  • Manifestation
  • Heal Emotional Wounds – Inner Child Healing
  • Navigate your Humanness
  • Find Self-Love
  • Meet Your Inner Wisdom Inner Journeys
  • Learn to Meditate
  • Channeled Writing – Find Inner Creator
  • Past Life Regression

why Choose Imagine Getaways

We offer You a new way of looking at yourself and your life. Generally, most of us aren’t taught how to navigate our humanness, especially our emotional world. From our experience, most of us have a level of “not good enough” which leads to self-sabotage of relationships, careers and just about everything. This isn’t your truth. We invite you to move beyond listening and believing your ’negative’ ego and open to be supported and loved by your intuition and inner guidance. Our intention is to gently guide you back to your Authentic confident Self. Imagine that!


What People Say about Imagine Getaways

Rhonda F

Phoenix, Arizona

Rhea has helped me and Lil Rhonda with my grief journey since June 2021. With her guidance I have been able to find my inner wisdom, gratitude, learn self love without feeling guilty, finding joy in sorrow and many more life changing moments.

Terii A

huntington Beach, California

I call her magical Rhea. Her intuition, support and guidance helped not only bring me out of a rather dark and dismal place but to manifest beauty and growth in my life. Rhea has an inner wisdom that enables her to speak clearly, speak gently and see the truth in what is really happening. I will continue my work with Rhea because I find so much value in our sessions.

Laura S


Rhea likely saved my life! I had a physical health challenge that disturbed my my nightmare closet. As the nightmares (repressed memories) surfaced, Rhea used her skills and knowledge to help me make sense of them before they completely unbalanced me.


Sedona, Arizona

Easy to communicate with. Wonderful experience with hypnotherapy that is different from others. Felt comfortable and at ease with the whole process.


San Francisco, CA

Rhea’s unique methods help you to go places, see things and feel things you never have before. Resolving “baggage” you never even knew you had. Her demeanor is a help even before you delve into the process. I will see her again in the magical place that is Sedona. She has a gift and we are lucky she shares it.


Sedona, AZ

The art sessions I experienced with Rhea changed my life! By tapping into the flow of my creativity, I was able to let go of my mind and sink fully into my heart. It allowed me to open to new ideas, as I literally felt like my imagination had dried up and gone away forever. The joy and freedom of being able to express myself fully in a safe place is a gift beyond words. I’m grateful.



Thank you for sharing your gift with me. Thank you for reminding me that I need to love myself and to trust people, mainly trust myself! It was an honor to work with you. Peace.



I really liked the inner journey with you, Rhea. I think of it often and this is one of the most profound experiences I had while in Sedona. You helped me ask and listen and trust. I appreciated how warm and comfortable you were with me. Thank You!

About Me


One thing is for sure, I didn’t become a Life Coach overnight! My journey has been a great teacher, with challenges and magical manifestations.

For over 25 years, I’ve been honored to facilitate a multitude of sessions. My clients come from all around the world, from every walk of life, every religion and each soul is welcomed with an open heart.

I’ve evolved traditional hypnotherapy into a new form of spiritual inquiry. Nouveau sessions invoke self-exploration, insight and transformation of old ways of thinking and being into new positive magical ways of being.

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